Return policy

All payments made by the customer are non refundable. However, under certain conditions, the money might be refunded upon return of a product. A customer might return a product under the following conditions.

  1. Wrong item- If the product delivered to the customer differs from what was ordered in terms of  size, color, brand or quality, the product can be returned. Under such a circumstance, the product will be exchanged for the correct one but cash will not be refunded.

In an event the client learns that the product is wrong, certain guidelines must prevail for the    swap to be feasible:

  1. The client must withhold from handling the product such as connecting to power, opening or any other kind of operations. Incase such handling is confirmed, returning of the product will be rejected and no refund will be made.

  2. The client must notify our customer care agents of the wrong product within 24 hours after delivery.

Defective item- if a product is broken, unresponsive or is incomplete, the customer can     return the product. The customer must be sure to observe certain guidelines.

  1. The client should not attempt to repair the product, should notify our customer care agents within 24 hours after receiving the product.

  2. The product must be repackaged and await for returning, and must not be stored carelessly .