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EXERCISE MEDICINE BALL in sizes 6 , 5 , 4 , 3 , 2 , 1  kg



EXERCISE MEDICINE BALL. This is a requirement purchase for all fitness enthusiast. It comes in a range of different sizes the heaviest weighing at 10kg with double grip capabilities. Other variance of the medicine ball include the double grip 9kg, 8kg, 7kg, 6kg,  and the dual grip variance of 8kg, 5kg, 3kg and the normal medicine ball type that comes with single grip and sizes range from 6kg, 5kg, 4kg, 3kg, 2kg and 1kg. The medicine ball allows one to work out every part of the body if well utilized. The sizes differ for different body sizes and the recommended size for beginners is the 1kg single grip type that will not be too heavy for the athlete to lift. These medicine ball can be used as an alternative to using dumbbells and provide full core workout. It helps increase grip of an athlete by ensuring that the athlete has a firm grip on the ball in order to lift it. It’s a better alternative to the dumbbell option since it improves grip and stability as well as improve overall body posture. The medicine ball can also be used in various exercise in order to work out your whole body core. The medicine ball is medically proven to build all the muscles in the body and can be used in any work out procedure. EXERCISE MEDICINE BALL, is an ideal workout necessity and comes in a range of many colors including yellow, red, black and silver. It can be used to reduce weight or even gain muscles for those body building enthusiasts who prefer gaining mass rather than losing it.


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